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About Julie

Julie Barrett is passionate about empowering and educating others to be courageous and step out of their comfort zones.


After spending over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, including owning her own gym, Julie started a freelance marketing business to help small businesses to grow and leverage their social media presence. This allowed Julie, a single mom of 4, to have the flexibility to tend to her children while navigating the family and criminal court system to protect her children from an abusive parent.


After 3 grueling years of court battles, Julie met her husband, Chris and the two were married in 2019. Not long after, Covid lockdowns came and the newlyweds were home all day everyday with 4 teenagers! Believe it or not, they not only survived, but thrived! By the grace of God…


Never interested in politics and government, Julie began to take an interest in what was going on in America when Donald Trump ran for president in 2016. When she opened her eyes to what was going on, she knew she couldn’t be silent. After getting kicked out of most of the neighborhood Facebook groups due to her political beliefs, Julie decided to start her own group and called it Conservative Ladies of Washington. Not expecting this group to be more than a space to connect likeminded friends, Julie was blown away by how quickly this group grew and how much the ladies in Washington needed organization.

Julie and Chris decided in 2021 to launch Conservative Ladies of Washington as an official organization. CLW has been very influential in Washington state legislation, fighting for parental rights, education transparency, supporting law enforcement…just to name a few top issues. In 2021 Julie launched the Womansplaining podcast, which addresses trending political topics from a Christian perspective.  


"We need women who are not afraid to be the strong, fearless, courageous ladies our families and our country need right now."

Julie's Mission

Julie’s primary mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Beyond that, her primary goal is to encourage and empower others to take bold action in their own lives to stand up for truth and the freedom and liberty that we are so blessed to have here in the United States of America.


By sharing her own story of perseverance through many challenging circumstances, she hopes to give others the hope and encouragement to prevail and press forward, never giving up and never surrendering.

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