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Arrest made under Idaho's new "abortion trafficking" law

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

In April, Idaho passed a law prohibiting the “trafficking” of minor children out of the state to have an abortion without the consent of their parents. This is a commonsense law that most sane people would agree with…but it’s 2023 and the evil is so pervasive in our society that this law received a lot of opposition.

Last Friday police in Pocatello, Idaho arrested an 18 year old man, Kayden Swainston, and his mother Rachel Swainston, for taking his 15 year old girlfriend to North Bend, OR for an abortion without parental consent. The two have been charged with several felony crimes following a police investigation that began in June after the 15 year old girl’s mother went to police.

“During the execution of the search warrant, police located over 40 grams of meth in Rachael’s room and also arrested a man that was staying in her storage shed, Rick A Parsons Jr., who was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant for felony meth trafficking charges.

The felony meth trafficking charge Rachael faces carries a maximum penalty of up to life in prison if she is convicted. If convicted of the four other felony charges, Rachael faces up to 44 years in prison and a fine of up $130,000.

If convicted of the rape charge, Kadyn faces up to life in prison. The other four felony charges he faces carry a maximum penalty of up to 115 years in prison and a fine of up to $200,000.” The Idaho State Journal reported.

These are not people that most parents want to be making decisions for their minor children, which is precisely what this abortion trafficking law was created to prevent. Sadly, states like Washington and California have passed laws that conflict with Idaho’s HB 242. This year Washington passed HB 1469 which would protect people like Kayden Swainston and Rachel Swainston. HB 1469 would prevent Washington law enforcement, insurance, abortion providers and more to cooperate with the investigation in another state. It is noteworthy that HB 1469 was passed with an emergency clause, making it take effect upon signature of Governor Jay Inslee. It’s a war between states - a war of good and evil - a war against families and the sanctity of life.

The Republican party, at large, has not done a good job messaging on abortion. They don’t want to talk about it, they think it’s not a “winning issue.” However, I think this is a huge mistake. Certainly, many people are pro-choice, but most of those people are not “PRO ABORTION.”

Pro abortion is abortion at any point during pregnancy and for any reason - essentially, abortion on demand. Most of the people on the pro-choice side are of the Bill Clinton, 90’s era mindset of “safe, legal and rare.” The radical left democrats of today are not just pro choice, they are pro abortion.

The California Legislative Women’s Caucus had an abortion bill package for 2022-23 containing SEVENTEEN abortion bills! That is absolutely insane! Most people who support abortion support guardrails as well. But most people have no idea just how far this evil agenda has gone in our government institutions.

With deep blue states doubling down on their abortion and so-called “gender affirming” policies that allow minor children access to these without parental consent or notification, we will see more red states pass laws like Idaho’s HB 242. There is hope in this fight, but we have to be willing to take a stand to protect our children, our families and the unborn. We have to be willing to have difficult conversations. We have to be willing to speak out and speak up.

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