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I'm hosting a new podcast!

Exciting news!

Today was my first episode hosting the Mill Creek View Florida podcast. This is a weekly podcast discussing all things Florida - from politics and government to lifestyle and travel. Nothing is off limits...well, probably some things.

Today, my friend Courtney Schomburg, owner of Pink Pineapple Properties joined me to talk about moving to Florida from a blue state, purchasing a new home from a distance, buying vs renting, lifestyle and cool stuff to do in Florida.

Leftists will tell you that hundreds of thousands of people are leaving Florida every year due to DeSantis' anti-LGBTQ laws, and that's true. However, there are even more people moving to Florida for a net migration of over 444,000 people, with Texas in second place, with over 349,000 new residents in 2022. It doesn't show any signs of this trend changing soon.

Listen to my conversation with Courtney - come visit us in Sarasota and see for yourself what freedom feels like and how amazing it is to "live on vacation."

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