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Flip the Script

One of the huge things “the right” (conservatives, Republicans, anyone who isn’t all in on the Marxist agenda) is lacking is strong messaging (on pretty much every issue) and “punching back” or “flipping the script.”

Election day was Tuesday, November 7th and the GOP failed miserably [again] to put out strong messaging on major issue like abortion, protecting children, preserving our constitutional rights. They don’t message clearly on these things and what’s worse is when they’re attacked, they run away like a dog with its tail between its legs, afraid of any kind of confrontation.

Let’s take abortion.

In Ohio, Issue 1 passed which will enshrine the right to “reproductive healthcare” into the state constitution. This will allow abortion legal at any time and will also allow minor children to get an abortion without parental consent (legal in many blue states already). Enshrining “reproductive healthcare” into the state constitution opens the door for so-called “gender affirming care” to fall into this “right” as well.

The democrats, knowing that Republicans don’t have any messaging on abortion and are afraid to address it altogether have now packaged abortion and so-called “gender affirming care” together as “reproductive healthcare.” They know the Republicans won’t touch it. This is their strategy, and you have to admit, it’s brilliant!

Instead of flipping the script on democrats and showing pictures of what happens in abortions, what these organizations like Planned Parenthood do with these baby parts, exposing the movement for what it is and how dangerous this is for women, Republicans just don’t address it at all.

In fact, many Republicans were taking to social media yesterday saying how the party needs to abandon the issue of abortion altogether because it’s not a “winning issue.”

This no longer surprises me - we don’t have a Republican party that stands for really…anything. They seem to have lost their moral compass altogether.

Lila Rose’s tweet is a perfect example of flipping the script on this issue. SHOW THEM what exactly it is they support.

How about the framing Conservative school board candidates as “extreme”:

In Washington state, 3 conservative school board members in Mead School District in Spokane County beat their incumbent opponents. This is a huge upset especially in a state like Washington. The school board now has a 4-1 conservative majority. It didn’t take but a minute for the leftist media to shape the narrative and start the brainwashing…”conservatives bad!”

The Spokesman reported:

Mt. Spokane High School sophomore Ellie Henshaw said she fears the new board will “not care about student voice, teacher empowerment or inclusivity.”

“Personally the extremity and the suggestion of inclusion not being a priority amongst winning candidates worried me,” Henshaw said.

The article goes on to offer quotes from the winning candidates:

The Mead community wants schools “free from political influence,” Cannon said.

Gray promised the board would “get politics out of the classroom.”

Nolan said “cultural issues” have “become a distraction” in schools even if their presence is not “overwhelming” in Mead compared to other districts.

“I don’t want divisive issues like that in the classroom,” Nolan said of critical race theory.

These seem like positive statements that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, would support. After all, the oppositive of division would be inclusion. Perhaps, focusing on academics would help students and citizens have a better understand of these things.

This article is a perfect opportunity to flip the script.

The new school board directors want a focus on education and academic excellence. They want to partner with parents - which to people other than Marxists, is a very good thing. This is how we raise healthy, independent children. But that’s not what the Marxists want. Flip the script, because the majority of parents are not Marxists.

The right has got to stop running away from these opportunities to punch back by flipping the script. We have a duty to help our friends who are buying the narrative they’re being sold by leftist run media and organizations. These are just a couple of examples of what we see all day every day. Start flipping the script.

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