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Covid & Equity in Education

You know what they say..."never let a good crisis go to waste."

AIR, Advancing Evidence Improving Lives (that’s leftist speak for - we’re gathering data from you and it’s a good thing), a longitudinal database provides a rich foundation for studying responses to the pandemic.

“One component of the project is a longitudinal database containing state, district, school, and community data, enabling a broad view of pre-, during, and post-pandemic onset trends.”

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Data collection in the name of "Covid" to improve equity in education.

6 states are part of the project: California, Washington, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Florida, a balance of blue and red states. California is the hottest mess of all, but enrollment is down across the board.

WA enrollment is lowest of all 6 states in the project at 5.4% overall. Every state is asking for more money for government schools, yet enrollment is way down and test scores are abysmal.

The enrollment in the 3 red states in the project are down as well, but not nearly to the degree of the blue states. Florida enrollment down just 0.9%, the lowest in the project and the highest red state being TN at 1.9%, still far less than the any of the blue states.

States continue to ask for more funding every legislative session for government schools, yet enrollment continues to decline in the “post covid era” with parents across the country continuing to ask for school choice options for their students, or choosing to homeschool to ensure their children are spared from the leftist indoctrination that has taken a stronghold in education both public and private.

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