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Locked Out of Twitter for Speaking a Truth

Twitter has been looking better over the last couple months now that Elon is at the helm. But there are still many accounts that have yet to be restored, warnings added to tweets that leftists don't like and people getting suspended for speaking abject truths.

Last week I received an email letting me know I was suspended for violating Twitter's rules against "hateful conduct." I replied to a tweet from Oli London about a new idea where transgender people would have their own category of sports - men, women and transgender.

"I think this doesn't address the mental illness of gender dysphoria but it's definitely better than allowing men to compete against women. Would this deter many of them because it would take away the easy win?"

Why are the Twitter bots so sensitive about anything that goes against the approved narrative about gender? As you can see from my tweet, there was nothing hateful, no violence was incited. It was simply a statement of fact.

But facts hurt the feelings of many, and facts are inconvenient for the elite and the corrupt people in power.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Twitter moving forward. Will Elon be able to truly make it a free speech platform where we are able to state a truth without being locked out and suspended?

We'll see.

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